Friday, 6 June 2014

Yay - my old Firefox is back.

FINALLY managed to import my Firefox profile from the Macbook into Windows, not helped by Apple's inclination to hide things that might be useful, and inconsistent behaviour (so it seemed) of the Finder when trying to find the hidden Library folder. Nuts.

Being without the various add ons I'd installed made me realise just how much adverts mess up the web, with even this (new Dell i7 based) machine being slowed at times because of streamed flash movies. Advertisers - your golden goose is dying a slow and unpleasant death.

In other news, my face is miserable. Forgot to bring analgesics with me today, and Ibuprofen has now worn off.


And my mouth feels/tastes horrible still, with the roof sore from the injections.

I've just re-read that - it's almost funny, me grumbling away - life could be SO much worse!

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