Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Do you ever?

Have something (many things) you want to say, open a page in which to write, then discover you don't want to say them after all?


Just evaluating Linux Mint running Mate as desktop environment as a possible alternative to openSUSE. None of my ordinary base units are working right now, so using that little Philips freevents laptop I picked up cheap a year ago to take to Africa. Thing is that it's fairly old now and not terribly quick/highly specified, so can struggle a bit, and the Mate desktop is meant to be lighter weight than Cinnamon. Mint is a little slower than LinuxLiteOS, but there were no problems getting the printer up & running whatsoever, which was really important since I've not been able to print here for a few weeks.

Just had an interesting time moving the menu panel across from the laptop screen to the external monitor - it was moved automatically when running from the live DVD, but not when running fully installed. alt-click & drag worked, but weird not to make it default to the default screen.

In a few min I'm going to start taking pictures of guitar-related stuff to flog. Chris observed we have too much, and I quite agree with her. It would be nice to release some cash too. So 8 pedals, 2 guitars, maybe an amp or 2 and a bass as well. It's all stuff I've used and enjoyed at various times, but aren't doing so now and can't see a need for it in the future, and maybe it's also a little of the anti-consumer in me coming to the surface.

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