Wednesday, 18 June 2014

What do you feel when you read?

This morning I read this article on the BBC website about a Christian Palestinian family who are being persecuted by Israel in an attempt to drive them from their land.

The article has been written with some spin (replicated in my opening statement) to provoke anti-Israeli feeling while showing the Palestinians as represented by this family as being essentially good, peaceful people. Clearly not all Israelis are rapacious, landgrabbing and evil, while clearly not all Palestinians are peace-loving, Christian and gentle. But it made me proud to be part of the same family as people like these, who continue without malice or violence and plotting to resist wickedness perpetrated by those who should stand for righteousness.

We had a discussion in housegroup last week, about the return of Jesus and Israel. I very seriously wonder if the present nation of Israel have disqualified themselves from the blessing of God through their treatment of the gentiles around them.

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