Monday, 23 June 2014

So I've been doing a little route planning just now.

We shall shortly visit a friend who lives in a field (his expression!).

For someone who grew up in the greatest city on Earth (;-)) and lives in a 300 year old house just up the lane from a chapel that was recorded in the domesday book and where every local route, track, thicket and pond has been named, probably several times over, it is astonishing to look up a house by map reference.  Road names are highly descriptive: Township road 442, Range road 230, 231 etc, and with the highlight of Highway 822 running through the middle. Of course we have some long, straight roads here too, just like them, but they were built by the Romans......

I'm really looking forward to this time in a different place. I've a sense it's very different from the places we've been before, even if people are the same everywhere.

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