Monday, 8 April 2013

If only they could talk.

Something that keeps coming back to me right now is how much we don't say to each other of our thoughts. In un-christian society, keeping one's thoughts to oneself greases passage and allows people to move past each other while remaining unaffected and untroubled by the contact. Little is transferred between people and each generally remain as they want to be.

I'd more or less moved on from this topic, but a post on a friend's blog reminded me and triggered these thoughts. Ineke had posted links to videos by Rend Collective Experiment, and the lines on The Cost (last one on this page) reminded me:

I'll chase you through the pain,
I'll carry my cross,
'Cause real love is not afraid to bleed.

Would we be different if we were willing to bleed a little for each other, to be able to be open about the stuff we thought and felt, instead of being socially lubricious (good word that!) and sliding smoothly past each other. Me, I'm guilty as anyone of that, except for very occasionally when I might forget.


  1. Anonymous8:01 pm

    :) glad to introduce you to them! that song is full of good stuff!

  2. I do like the heart behind the RCE stuff that I've heard - there's a certain honesty and frankness that works for me. I've used a few of their songs for worship in the church too, but this isn't one I knew, so thanks Inky.


  3. On review this IS one I know after all, but hadn't recognised the words in that snippet.But thanks again for reminding me.


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