Thursday, 18 April 2013

Just amazed at the grace of God tonight.

In particular, the way He seems to line things up for us. I'd already planned to use this video (thanks Mikey Mo for providing the link).

We began sharing, and John provided the natural introduction, talking about how he'd seen himself and how he'd been seen by others, all completely unaware of what was coming next. And the grace of God was very much present for all of us, with not a single person staying silent or being left out. I love watching people share their struggles and weaknesses, insights and understanding, being built up as they hear and as they share. It's so much better than me standing at the front, telling everyone how it should be and how they should live.

The video is interesting on many levels, and while it's been very carefully designed to be emotionally provoking (and it's highly effective too) as well as being personal it could also be applied to churches. I had a real sense that some parts of the church would see themselves as ugly (or worse, see other parts as ugly). But Jesus loves this church, died for it, and instead of telling us we don't look too good, He's bringing words of encouragement, comfort and reassurance to us.

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