Friday, 12 April 2013

Just a couple more pictures.

Trying to find the glow in wood.

The above image looks lovely on my screen at home: subtle, rich, warm and detailed. However on my (Dell IPS) work monitor it looks dark, dull and uninspiring. The image below of the catch for a farm gate looks similarly uninspiring on this monitor, but not so muchthe others in that set. I've re-worked the image to suit that monitor, and would be interested to hear which, if either, people preferred. That would also give me information about how my images are appearing on other people's screens.


Image version 2


  1. Hi Toni,

    Image 1 is rather dull on my monitor, and 2 is definitely more vibrant. However the colours look a bit artificial in image 2, and darker areas look to have more noise (or did the trees have red speckles?).

  2. Thanks Pete, much appreciated as the sole feed-backer!

    Africa is good BTW, and we'll bore you to death with pics later.


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