Monday, 26 March 2012

Well, we finally managed to sort out holidays

At least, in terms of accommodation. Then came the ferry.

Suddenly the chunnel looks extraordinarily good value. £340 for a return crossing seems like a lot of money to me. We'd hoped to use Tesco vouchers to make it more affordable, but they won't work for our route. We can, or course, completely cover the cost of the chunnel, but that's another 250km to drive, putting the first destination >1000km away.

Meh, as Johannah used to say.

Chris was looking at the other offers available. We're planning to visit Lille for a conference soon - at the same time she could get us a 1 week holiday in Corfu or Zante for £70 each in vouchers. Not that I'm burning to visit either (we did go to Zante about 15 years ago, and I've not particular desire to return - unfavourite bit of Greece) but it would probably make a nice change.

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