Monday, 12 March 2012

Nice to see this blog loading OK again.

Hopefully everything will be working well now, and likewise I can get Sabayon up & running properly again.

I'm getting to the point where a little OS migration is looking attractive right now. Even though Sabayon is not super-fast, it has very much become 'home' in computing terms over the last couple of years. Yet for all that I like it, updates keep breaking it, usually resulting in hours of re-installation and data recovery. Even worse, the Application I like it especially for - DigiKam - may well be the source of its fragility and load issues. I've yet to manage to recover the files that will let me re-establish Mozilla and the last 4 months worth of emails from Thunderbird too, and if those go that will be another nail in SL's coffin.

But lets hope it can be fixed more easily.

In the mean time I'm quite tempted by the latest version of AVLinux 5.03 'Tube' (that's Uhmurkhan for valve) which promises to be faster and sweeter, though I'm not so keen on the rather too minimal Debian/LXDE interface and the rather weak photo-editing side (weak because GIMP is the only image editor of significance in there). Pear linux was tempting, but the interface is annoying for many of the reasons OSX is (and that's by design) so probably not a great idea.

We'll see.

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