Thursday, 8 March 2012

I have a terrible urge right now.

The Chilterns are calling to me, and I want to go mountain biking up and down *real* hills.

Snuck out of work early and went for an hours ride yesterday evening, just before it got dark. Felt good, even though I fell off in the first 1/2 mile. Also, because of the rain during the early afternoon the trails were squishy, and that watery slip-like mud is well named - off camber sections pointing down toward the canal were 'exciting' at times, even though I didn't fall in. This morning in the bath my 'sit bones' were quite tender too, and another ride so soon would be a bad idea. But the weather is getting warmer, I'm gradually getting fitter and the possibility is coming closer. Wonder if Ben would be up for a tazz through the woods one Saturday?

(It's Chicksands, rather than the Chilterns, but that's the best I could find for now).

Oh, and I also fancy building a rigid singlespeed, but I don't have a spare set of MTB wheels any more, thanks to a bike getting nicked a few years back. Nice idea otherwise.

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