Saturday, 31 March 2012

Pear linux revisited

I've mentioned Pear linux 3 a few times here, including using it for a week or 2 while deliberating over reinstalling Sabayon as my main OS at home.

Well, just over a week ago Pear Linux OS4 Comice (French for pear) was released as the full version, and I'm posting from it right now. In many ways it's a lot like version 3, but more polished and with cleaner icons and a better app store manager. It also has a lot of commonality with OSX (if you're a Mac user you may find it unsettling because it is different yet the same) so expose/mission control work alike as does file preview and a bunch of other stuff.

Now the other thing that makes this so good is that I've stuck it on a memory stick that's been made bootable (using UNetbootin in linux) so that there's no laggy DVD to use, and everything operated from flash memory almost as quickly as a HDD install.

It's almost too mac-like, but being Linux it is customisable - something very distinctly not possible with a Cupertino product. I'm tempted to try it on the Macbook, just to see if it will work OK. I use nothing Apple-specific on there, despite all my hopes for Garageband, however my copy of office wouldn't work, since wine only works for windows applications.

So if you are a Mac user but didn't like the windows-like appearances of most other Linux distros - this one is for you. Finally a change to escape the evil empire without having to join the other one. Read more here.

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