Sunday, 27 November 2011

Ever feel....

....groggy, a bit disorientated and tired?

Since Thursday evening, winding down from the last couple of weeks, that's how it's been for me.

Crazy - we've only been back 3 weeks, and I'm already fuzzy headed and worn out.

Really fancied a ride today - the sun was bright, skies clear, temperature at lunchtime 13'C and it felt lovely. For various reasons I wasn't ready & able to ride until 3pm at which point the temp had dropped to 8'C and the day was no longer enticing. Blueh.

While I've been typing this with the updater and blogger windows each sharing half the screen the updater switched from downloading to updating & installing. It's interesting how the 2 CPUs (AMD 3800) get loaded up, sometimes 1, sometimes both. It seems much more efficient than when I was processing a bunch of files through doubletwist on the Macbook to adapt them for the phone, where 1 processor was constantly running at 100% and the other idling.

Dinner tonight is a large piece of pig. I'm probably going to insert a couple of sticks of Kabanos lengthwise through it, along with smoked paprika and herbs on the outside before slowly roasting it.

'Nuff of that - time to do something other than play on computers.

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