Friday, 11 November 2011

Day 10 – flying home.

There’s not much to write. Delhi’s airport was spacious, clean, reasonably comfortable. One has to complete a visitor departure form very much like the entry form, including the hotel of residence, passport number etc. There’s also a game that’s played where at every opportunity some kind of official examines either the boarding card or passport, sometimes within a few feet of the last person that examined it.

Nothing exciting happened on the plane, other than it being somewhat late, which is all for the best and just how it should be.

And so home. The house feels cold and smells a little odd, but it’s incredibly quiet and peaceful to be back in the green and damp of rural Oxfordshire. But there are all the memories.

So to Noel and Julie, Matt, Ian, Jo, Nicki, Margaret, Anne, Liz, Susan, Helen, Chrissie, Sarah, Bharti, Judith and of course Junaid, thank you for being such good company. If you have read this then I hope it has brought back some good memories.

Footnote. As of 1 week after getting home, we both still have dodgy tums and don’t feel too good.

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