Friday, 6 August 2010

From the Basschat forum.

I can't not copy this:

my job is 2nd line support in IT i got told to phone a woman with an urgent problem with a server. convo as follows

Woman: we had a leak and someone moved the server in to the middle of the office. its making a funny noise.

Me: its in the middle of the room?

Woman: yes

Me: what sort of server is it?

woman: a compaq one

Me: compaq? we don't have compaq servers, are the cables coming out the back to the wall?

Woman: yes, one power lead an a tube.

Me: Tube? what does it say on the server, like what model?

Woman: K-O-M-P-A-C-T, D-E-H-U-M-I-D-I-F-I-E-R


Woman:actually it could be a dehumidifier, do you think its a dehumidifier?

Me: probably

No wonder they call it the helldesk.

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