Friday, 27 August 2010

Photoblogs are becoming popular.

But some are much more interesting than others. Melonade (Glenn) apart from being a cat, has a couple of such blogs, including the curiously named "I rub your brog" recording his time in Japan and the Abu Dhabi Photostory blog from where he is now in the UAE.

I found his Japanese blog a couple of years back when looking for a funny pic of a bicycle, but he stopped posting there in 2009 when he moved.

Why bother to look at someone's snaps? Because I feel as though I'm understanding a little of what it's like to visit these places and maybe get a feel for the culture, at least as interpreted through a westerner's eyes. But he doesn't just take pretty tourist pics, instead showing what the rest of the neighbourhood looks like too. And that, for me, validates his photography much more than if he showed nothing but the picture-postcard shots.

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