Friday, 13 August 2010

As a Mac user there's something I find curious

Those familiar with the Mac will know about Time Machine - one of the things that Apple [i]does[/i] do better than Microsoft - the incremental automatic backup system that works more-or-less in the back ground with minimal overhead.

Well, it works on files and folders but not applications that store data in a particular way. I don't know why, but Entourage (the older Mac version of Outlook) has to be backed up manually. Put Microsoft and Apple in a room together and I'm sure each would blame the other for this lack of compatibility: no idea who's fault it really is, but it's a bit daft. So just like windows, I have to remember to export the data from time to time.

Which is annoying.

The latest version of Office:Mac 2010 (or 2011, can't remember) has Outlook (not Entourage) in the professional spendy version but not the small business/home version. I might well have considered the upgrade otherwise, but right now I can't see the point. We run Office 2003 at home (the pre-ribbon version with sensible menus etc) and it still works well. If I want the ability to handle anything with an unfamiliar interface then I'll use Open Office, as it's without charge.

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