Monday, 3 August 2009

Stress is like....

being poked in the face.

Ever had something you had to do, but didn't really want to because it wasn't clear what or how EXACTLY to do it? My brain tries to find other things to do, pleasant (r even less pleasant distractions. All of which make it worse, becase yu then haven't do it for yet another day.

I've just completed application for CE mark registration for my products. It's not hard, really, but the forms are extremely open and somewhat ambiguous, at least to me. I get the feeling I'm being fed rope with the opportunity to hang myself, even though if my products should ever fail no-one's life would be at risk.

But it's just.... doing the form thing.

Right, done, posted, home now on the bike, day off tomorrow.

At some stage in the future I may have to do this for France, Germany, Sweden, Italy and various other places too. How's m Swedish doing?

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