Friday, 17 July 2009

I'm swimming through a sea of thoughts.

It would be nice to find an island onto which I could clamber.

Actually I usually do have an island, but sometimes I worry that I'm just fooling myself and I really have a wrong and faulty view of reality.

Just a few posts down I apparently have a comment from Tom (NT) Wright, wishing me to re-read and be less judgmental (regarding the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans). It's worth mentioning I was not trying to be judgmental, so much as genuinely expressing my fears and expectations - I don't wish the AC to split, but cannot see how it can go forward and continue as an authentic representation of the body of Jesus.

Based on the feeling this comment might be authentic I actually went as far as tracking down his contact details, but faced with a picture of him in full regalia, somehow I can't bring myself to send the email. At the moment I cannot reconcile religious outfits and Jesus, and while I concede the problem may be at least partially mine, there is something that seems deeply wrong about it. Maybe it's because I know a little bit of church history - not enough to utterly reject it on the basis of knowledge, but enough to feel strongly suspoicious.

In a way I'd love to throw over all my inhibitions and be able to embrace the religious church, but that way madness and dissolution lies.

Which brings me to my next point - it seems the Roman Catholic church are about to embrace Oscar Wilde, and this is really where I felt the island in front of me becoming increasingly hazy. Guess post-modern thinking has now entered the Roman Catholic church too? There was a quote by him that was apparently published by the RC church a couple of years back (according to the Times) along the lines of the best way to deal with temptation was to get on and do the thing. Why are we unable to leave the wicked dead in peace and just accept them for who they were?

Which brings us full circle again, to Bishop Wright's article. It seems that the American branch of the Anglican church have mostly decided to press forward in the area of validating homosexual practice. It also seems fitting that the Episcopal Church is lead by a Woman.

There are times I wonder what God is doing, allowing all of us to apparently go our own sweet ways and even blessing us while we do it.

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