Sunday, 31 August 2008

A little grace from God

We were apparently having a second housegroup join us for church in homes at our place this afternoon, along with possible a few from the local chapel. The weather should have been good so we could get everyone outside.

I've been working on a substantial piece, interpreting a Charles Finney message on living in God's peace, that I'd been meaning to present formally. Somehow, just somehow it wouldn't come together and then just felt plain WRONG to bring, plus I'd had so little time to prepare int he last few days. So at 2.30pm I re-started planning and preparing something that had to be flexible enough to work for up to 25 people from intellectual to learning disability level AND get them all into the house.

In the end we had a just slightly extended housegroup, and that was great. And some of these wonderful people responded from their hearts, which was great too.

And for me, it's been another lesson.

I need to listen when I get the 'no peace' alarm bells ringing, rather than just assuming investing more time will pull off something I want to do. I need to bring things back to God with a bit more humility and a little less adequacy, if for no other reason than to check I'm on course.

Learning - it's what lifetimes were intended for.

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