Thursday, 28 August 2008

I opened this page to post this morning

and then left for work without posting.


The good new is that I've booked our flights to Italy for our later planned holiday. Trying to choose the right hotels (staying a week near Sorrento, then 3 days in Rome) is challenging to say the least.

The other news may not necessarily be bad, but life has just become a lot more complicated in ways I can't talk about yet. Chris and I have very clearly heard God speak about something, and that has now been challenged in a quite direct and forceful way. So we need to deal with what the future brings in faith rather than flapping. Yet I feel as though God has been talking to me about this inside already, and preparing my heart for it.

Ah, the amazing grace of God.

Lets see how I walk through it before boasting about the outcome.

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