Friday, 8 August 2008

Interesting thread on HC

Some of the guys on Harmony Central have substantial guitar collections. By substantial we're talking 50+ instruments, plus amps etc.

One of the guys was asking what others did with theirs, storage wise. Plus also how they changed strings etc to keep them in good nick.

I consider myself VERY well off to have about 10 guitars, and I'm now at the point where some leave before others join. But there are gits in there that I keep for certain occasions and just don't seem to play much. One of the guys was talking about finding guitars he'd forgotten he had - said it was like New Guitar Day all over again when that happened.

Currently in the process of moving a couple out to make way for an instrument that will do electric and acoustic well (instead of badly, like the Switch).

But I may have a little way to go yet!

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