Thursday, 15 November 2007

Tonight I will be mostly

Sitting in my car.

I met a chap called Phil Coates tonight. Phil sometimes reads Tee bottom - he also has a great name on Harmony Central - Farmer Geddon.

Phil lives about 95 miles North of here - the connection was that he was selling a couple of amps I was interested in and so we met to complete the deal. He also needed to shift some other kit, and kindly donated a Fernandes strat plus some pedals for one of the Bicester youth groups to use. That's generous as the strat is Japanese and looks to be pretty nice for a donated guitar - someone is going to be lucky. There was also a CD, with what looks like that very guitar in action on the back.

I made good time - took about 90 minutes going up. The return looked even easier until I joined the M40: traffic at a complete standstill as far as the eye could see.

So we all sat there.

Temperature gradually dropped.... 3'... 2'... 1'...

Next to me was an NHS mobile diagnostics unit. The guys driving that opened it up, turned on the genny and brewed up - but only had 4 cups. :-/

After almost 2 hours we started to move again, and I finally got back around 11.35ish.

Guess trying the amps out will wait 'till tomorrow.

Thanks Phil.

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