Thursday, 8 November 2007

I've just had an email

Warning me about the evils of the 'his dark materials' film.

Fern had an interesting comment to make on it.

My recommendation is: ignore it.

The Da Vinci code was a bit of a mess, and only going to convince those that had already decided or were so weak minded that they would be blown with every wind of doctrine. Yet all the 'dumb Christians' blew what would have been a flop on it's own into something huge and renowned. If we aren't careful 'we' shall provide these guys with more free publicity that they could shake a stick at, and they will be wealthy and successful instead of disappointed and wondering.

The choice is ours - protest and pass them glory and success on a plate.


Possibly proving how unspiritual I am, the one thing Christians could do is pray about this. Not a quick 'Dear Lord please help mommy and daddy' prayer but real fasting, dedication and crying out to God in prayer night and day prayer. I wonder how many did that over The Da Vinci Code?

I wonder if God enjoyed watching Harry Potter?

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