Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Jesus and fluffy bunnies again

You may have forgotten this post (if you were lucky) about people saying stupid made up stuff that reinforces their point of view. I did get a reply from the chap who is administrator for the organisation - we know him and he married a friend of ours - that just said "thank you for your email, I will pass your comments on". It's hard to know whether the terseness came from disagreement or embarassment. I'd hoped there might be some kind of follow-through or feedback, but that was probably unreasonable on my part.

Increasingly I wonder about the way church is developing in the UK. It may be a reflection of me, but I think the way has been lost, pun only partially intended. It also makes me realise how important it is to have a wider leadership with a plan, aims and specific goals*, rather than just doing whatever is good that your hand finds to do.

*edit - in retrospect, I realise the goal is to be missional. The churches are notably shrinking, and although the skeptic in me suspects the shrinkage is BECAUSE they're trying to be missional, I don't really know.

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