Thursday, 26 December 2019

The descent of Skywalker

I've just read a review (I've read more - this was just the most recent) of the latest Starwars film.

On a cold, damp & dark boxing day afternoon it should be something I'd eagerly want to go see, but the 2 previous Starwars reboot films have had so little inspiring in them and so much not to like that I think we'll probably just skip this and try to pretend the series finished with film 3 (or was it 6?) with Anakin-become Vader.

Maybe it's because we don't have a TV that these haven't worked for us?  The characters don't seem notable - I couldn't even remember the name of 'the black guy' without looking it up - and I've realised that mostly what happens doesn't matter to me. It's not the actors fault - the story or lack thereof  - is to blame.

I hope this IS the last, and they don't just have to keep nudging the franchise along, milking the fanbase for a few more dollars with each new film.

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