Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Just when you thought it was safe.

I got a cold back in January, with a vicious cough and a body that really didn't love me. Re-infection came along at the end of Feb, at the same time a Chris went down with a nasty cold, although that time I managed without time off. It grinds you down. The end of last week and beginning of this one was the first time I could reply, when asked how I was "I'm great, thanks".

Just when I thought it was safe.

We had a great weekend, out all day Saturday with some guys we'd never met before from all using their *film* cameras around Oxford. Pleased with my output from that, even though it was digital.

Monday night - nearly no sleep - and crept into work on Tuesday. Today I'm coughing again, though not as badly and don't feel as miserable as I have. It makes me want to ask sometimes, will I ever be well again?

Probably. Eventually.


  1. Dang man. You shouldn't be feeling like 80 yet! You take care of yourselves, and thats all you can do i realize. But we'll add doses of love to your treatment. :)

  2. I'll be happy to make 80 - if I can make 70 then that will have been a good innings and a lot older than my father and his father.


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