Monday, 10 April 2017

The (other) great getaway.

So we're looking for a holiday later in the year. Our original plan was for a week in Crete, and we'd found what looked like a good deal with Thomas cook for an all-inclusive just outside Rethymno, but when I tried to book it a couple of weeks ago the transaction failed at the final hurdle, and their helpline had a 25min wait at 10pm. The website also advised not immediately re-booking, just in case the transaction had completed, so we left it & of course it hadn't gone through.

2 weeks on all the decent flights have gone and the price has gone up. :-((

Idle lunchtime doodling encourages freer thinking, and I just found flights and accommodation in Whistler for 1 week at <£700 each. A quick google for directions shows one has to drive past Furry Creek, which is a wonderful euphemism akin to beaver valley or something similar. And it's only 2 hours drive/140km from the airport.

But being practical, it's much more likely that we'll end up at the invitingly named Filoxenia hotel at a lower cost and about 40% of the travelling time. It will also be warm instead of cold.

But it IS tempting.

Now booked for Rethymno. Sorted. worked OK, though there was a hiccup that nearly scuppered things (selected flights, only for the site to decide the holiday wan't available when we tried to book) and it then selected Chania airport instead of Heraklion. Perseverance is the name of the game.

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