Friday, 21 April 2017

Since we're talking IT - CRTs!

In the lab below where I presently sit there's a CRT monitor for a 10 year old computer (running Windows XP) and driving a microplate reader.

Yesterday I was working away analysing some data when one of our tenants wandered across and commented along the lines of "didn't it belong in a museum?" and about how large it was. The we actually started looking at the screen - rather than just reading the information - and realised that despite being only 17" across and 1024X768 resolution, it was displaying the information in a way that was clear, detailed and pleasing to the eyes. We could see individual pixels, but instead of being harsh and jaggy like a LCD, it was smooth and easy on the eye.

I'm typing this on my (old) 20" Sansung at 1680X1050, the main screen at home is a Dell 2412M running 1920X1200 and my laptop does 3840X2160, and is astonishingly crisp and clear. I don't miss the bulk of the old CRTs, nor their power consumption & the subsequent heat they produced, but I do somewhat miss the kind of image that they produced.

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