Friday, 31 March 2017

Mythology (again)

In a few months time we're off to Israel for an organised tour, and part of the prep involves reading a guidebook supplied with information on Jerusalem and various other parts. There's something that makes me want to corner the author of such guidebooks while I have something sharp in my hand, asking them to tell me what the supporting evidence is for the 'fact' they just listed, and poking them hard with it each time they cannot provide it.

I don't mind you telling me "this is the third place Jesus stumbled" on the via dolorosa if there is some good solid evidence, but if it's just invented stories passed down through church traditions then I'm liable to be grumpy with you.

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  1. Yeah, thats a good approach. Most tour guides will often try to play to the crowd, and you end up seeing their version of things. But I'm excited for you.
    But DO engage with the surroundings and the fact that there are places you will see that yes, Jesus did see. But so did David and Soloman and Paul and on and on. There will be seas you may see that Christ walked on, and that is amazing. Or it was for me. :)

    For me I attempted to engage with the place and the spirit of Jesus as I went along, rather than to explain or to try to prove the books and guides wrong. That was lifegiving to me and I pray it will be for you too.

    That's exciting! Glad you can go.


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