Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Today I pulled....

a sickie.

As did Chris.

She's much worse than me, having spent some of the night chatting on the great white telephone. It's not a result of yesterday, I'm reasonably sure, because even pre-crash she was occasionally a little shivery, and we've heard of a couple of others in this and the next resort with tummy upsets.

Having said that, she needed a day doing nothing anyway, as the grapefruit-size bump that came up on the previously undamaged hip last night demanded.

I just seem to have a boring and common cold.

While Chris was tucked up in bed, trying to cope, I went for a walk up to the Cascade de Nyon which is the local waterfall, a mile or so up a track mostly made of sheet ice. The air blew hot & cold, quite literally, sometimes being freezing and sometimes around 10-12'C, which was a slightly odd experience. I took the camera along, and in the next post I'll bung up some images to give an idea of what the resort is like. I'm not sure how they'll look exactly, because the macbook screen is a bit iffy, but they'll give an idea of how things are.

This afternoon Chris was up to a bit more, so we walked round the town to get some lunch, bumping into Ben (and a couple of girls he knew) and then went up the Pleney cablecar to the top of the crag between Morzine & Les Gets where he's working. Views were spectacular and the ski slopes incredibly icy up there, to the point where walking in trainers (or walking boots, as we saw in one case) was impossible. I take my hat off to the guys that can ski on that surface - there's a sound that skis make when travelling over ice that gives me the willies, and tells me that if I make one false move then things are going to go very badly indeed.

So after a bit we headed down, wandered back and have spent a thrilling time, napping the afternoon away.

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