Monday, 26 January 2015

Bacteraemia is an odd word

But also one that I can probably apply appropriately about my lungs, since I have a cold and am producing goo of various colours , accompanied by that sweetish, nutty taste that goes with it. If any of you have grown E Coli in culture, it tastes like that smells.

Has that put everyone off yet?

I am not after sympathy, but something has also gone in my chest - possibly a small tear somewhere - due to coughing. This has the bizarre effect of producing shooting pains when I cough that can end up travelling along the right hand side on my body and terminate in a piercing, stabbing sensation in my right nipple. Nerves have obviously become involved somewhere along the line too.

Other places in the world are in pain too.

Proving that both history and personal experience teaches nothing, the results of the Greek general election this weekend should not be surprising. Last time a European country was pushed into financial crisis and desperation by the states around, it elected radical national socialists. So we see with Greece, Syriza (radical socialist party) have formed a coalition government with the independent Greek right. One would think German memories were longer.

And talking of Germany, Randall, I saw this and thought of you.

At least the Germans recognise a man's right to stand up for himself in that most private of places. ;-)

I note that the CoE have followed the path they had determined and have elected a woman bishop. I wonder how much more divided they can become before admitting that the fragmentation is irrepairable? The historical traditions are curious, each one developing its own way of making up the rules according to various pressures within and without. I don't know whether to be pleased someone is leading, or whether it's just the Gadarene Swine Law at work.

Finally, on a bit of theology, missional communities are a curious thing not - to me, anyway - found in scripture. I'm trying to wrap my head around how we can reach people where they are in a 21st century equivalent of Paul standing up in the Areopagus, rather than asking people to come to church. Back at Christmas the housegroup we're part of made small boxes up containing a couple of chocolates and a message wishing people a good Christmas time: these were passed out in Bicester's Sheep Street, but so often people would reject the offer, as if there were strings attached. I fully sympathise with that feeling, but there must be places where it's possible to share without all the cynicism.

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