Friday, 9 January 2015

Dubbin on my boots.

Dubbin is a funny word - makes you (me) wonder where it came from. Also makes you (me) wonder why Dubbing - the process of adding or overlaying sounds on a recording - sounds so similar.

For those not in the know, dubbin is a waterproofing treatment for leather. In this case I was preparing my hiking boots for wet & snowy conditions, first washing off the mud, then applying a generous coating. This particular dubbin is 'natural' (i.e. uncoloured) has the consistency of mastic for sealing window frames or caulking boat hulls and smells...... a lot like lard or dripping, which is slightly disconcerting.

My boots have been placed near the rayburn in the kitchen to let them dry & harden off before the excess is polished away. In theory it's possible to buff boots after treatment, though I have a few doubts. Guess we - well, I anyway - will see.

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