Sunday, 11 January 2015

That last post was made through the phone.

I have a tension over phones.

I like small, compact, long battery life and low weight. Modern 'phone' - read mobile computing device - use requires largeness, bulk, short battery life and higher weight.

I have the piste maps on my phone - fantastic - but actually reading them is a challenge. Communicating with Ben using Viber (I feel like there's a klaxon going off in my head with a large flashing sign lit up showing the words SECURITY BREACH, after reading the list of permissions it requires - that app is not going to stay on longer than I can help) doesn't show enough conversation to be helpful when typing.

It's probably just a sign I'm getting older. My present phone has a higher resolution screen than any computer I used before 2002, but it just *feels* like I need more. I'd wondered where the drive was gone, from computers needing more and more power to do ordinary stuff, it has mow transferred to mobile computing, and with a vengeance.

Wonder if Chris would buy me a tablet for my birthday? ;-)

But as for phones, as far as possible I'll try to make this one last to the end of 2015, then see what's good, bad ugly and effective. maybe trouser pockets will have grown to accommodate the fashions in technology.

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