Wednesday, 3 July 2013

How can the sound man and musicians get on?

That's not quite the title of this page though it's near enough. There were 2 items that really leapt out at me:

Sound tech:
5. Ask your Worship Leader how he wants the mix to sound from a musical perspective. Then, try to accomplish that.

This would solve half the battles between the desk and the band.

Sound tech:
10. Pray for your Worship Leader and remember that just like every artist, they have insecurities and are putting their art out there for everyone to judge.

Certainly pray for each other (something similar is at the bottom of the worship leader section). The problem here is with the word 'artist' and the assumption that it is art being created. Worship isn't art (it's closer to love and sacrifice) and art certainly isn't worship, although some may find ways to worship through art. But here's that subtle pedestalling that says 'these guys are special' instead of 'these guys are part of us, with responsibility' which is so much healthier.

Otherwise an interesting and useful list. Via Dave Duncan on facebook.


  1. One thing I always did was ask the sound people to come to rehearsals.

    As for the use of artist - I agree worship is not art & playing for worship is fundamentally different to playing for "art's sake.". But, the side issue is many musicians still have an artistic side that needs to be respected, nurtured or whatever.

  2. You're right, of course, about the art. Maybe the problem in that last comment is also the idea that 'they are putting their art out there' when in fact they should be 'one of us, working with us'. I feel increasingly strongly that worship-as-a-gig is wrong in a church worship context, and that we need to be worshipping all together if we're to do more than a form of Christian Karaoke. I know plenty love their worship gigs, but in a church context it keeps everyone as individuals, and prevents contribution to the whole by each part - no-one knows or cares if you do or don't sing etc because it makes no difference.


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