Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Following up the previous post

Completed my HDD swap.

LinuxliteOS really is enormously quicker on the little lappy than Pear Linux, and the old Macbook HDD it runs on is much cooler and quieter than the WD drive I have Pear on (even though that drive should be slower.

So LLOS it is on this machine then.

File under *stuff*.


  1. I need to make a change one way or the other...

    As much as I love Ubuntu Studio, my old Dell has met it's match, I think. After the Precise install it started lagging, and Quantal has it noticeably dragging. I didn't do the last update. The computer is maxed out as far as RAM it can handle, so it's either roll back and hold or get a newer (used) laptop.

    I use it so infrequently it's hard to justify, although part of the infrequent use is I know how slow it is running. But I use my tablet for almost everything these days, even photo editing, so the money may be better spent on a tablet upgrade.

    What to do...?

  2. I'd give it a go in that case Mike. If you can run it live from a memory stick then performance will be quite acceptable for evaluation purposes.

    The laptop I've run it with is has a 1.66GHz core 2 duo processor with 1Gb RAM and SATA I HDD, and as I said earlier, is >7 years old. With 2Gb it feels as fast to use as the Macbook with an SSD and 4Gb.


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