Tuesday, 10 April 2012

There was another iTunes update last week.

What's the big deal with that, you might ask?

On Sunday I pulled the Macbook out and Ben commented "your clock is an hour behind", and it was. Weird.

So I reset it, all fine.

This morning, plug in, switch on: the clock is an hour behind again. !?!

OK, no biggie, so I find automatic time setting has been turned off, and when I turn it back on I've been set up as if I'm in Iceland.

What I'd like to know is: why is something that's essentially a media player mucking about with system settings? Of course it isn't really 'just a media player' at all, since iTunes is one of Apple's money-pipes, and the software is tentacular in the way it has become an equivalent of windows explorer, used to move files between devices.

Wonder if it would be foolish to turn off updates (assuming that I still can?) now, before my system becomes remotely obsolesced?

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