Thursday, 26 April 2012

If you computed in the 1980s

And many of us did (my first computer use was in 1976) then you should read this article on The Register - look back in ACSII. I know someone who has happy memories of adventure games on the ZX81, getting stuck in a dungeon with no way out except re-loading from the tape (3 tries minimum and a 5 min wait). I don't think we ever actually completed that game.

My own first computer was a 'surplus' Apple ][e with green monitor, twin floppy drives and built in keyboard. Appleworks was kind of usable (I wrote my first CV using it - got me another job from people who must have been impressed at a document that was not hand typed). Here I am, typing on an Apple, but cursing it because it always refuses to believe the first time you hit backspace is to delete a character - the key must be pressed twice before it will do as instructed. Not sure whether it's good or bad that they've never managed to make a product that wasn't idiosyncratic in some fashion.