Monday, 9 April 2012

Looks like we've got

another 2 years of XP support. Amazing that the OS is still going strong (and is still used by Chris looking after business accounts). Personally I really liked XP, and run Linux to keep the brain working as much as anything, and to provide an alternative.

Some time I'd like to see if Chris would get on OK with Pear/Comice linux, since the OSX 10.5 style interface might feel easier for her than KDE. David T has also been working hard to make stuff 'just work' like it does in Windows (we'll ignore vista) and OSX (well, mostly - the original 10.5 was really flaky when it came to DVD and USB drives and video output).

Thinking back over the last 20 years of computer operating systems, too many people have tried to do 'new and shiny' instead of helping the user just get on and use.

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