Friday, 27 April 2012

I've never been one for blog stats

and today is probably the first time I was ever interested enough to look. So, from stats for the last month....

There are still more people out there viewing this by Internet Explorer than using Firefox, but only just @ 35% vs 30%. It seems Safari, mobile Safari and Chrome are all more popular than Opera. :-(

Of the computer operating systems used, Windows and OSX were 1 and 2, Android 3 and Linux 4 (at 4%) followed by Blackberry, iPad and iPhone. There was even someone on BeOS (God bless you sir!).

Countries visiting were UK and US 1 & 2, but to my utter surprise Russia was 3rd, Germany 4th and France 5th. Trailing away at the end were Canada, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Australia and India.

Outside of search engines, most people found their way here either through (thank you Sarah) and Harmony Central, followed by, and

Search keywords were mostly predictable: tertl blog and tertl being obvious, but also pompei, bullseye bug and Molyvos turning up. And, bizarrely the phrase "position vagina on saddle" (it must have found all those words separately, since that's not a combination I'd normally use). This was used twice, so it's apparently no coincidence.

I'm reasonably sure google haven't been doing their stats all that long, because I remember that funky little clustrmap that doesn't work half the time now showing in excess of 50,000 page views back in about 2008. The stats I just looked at reckoned there had been somewhere north of 27,000 page views, so I suspect data collection has only been going 5 years (I've dropped to around 400-450 a month now).

Worth noting that referred people here the most on that 'all time' stat, with in second.

Hope that's interesting