Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Has the blogosphere of my friends (almost) ground to a halt.

Maybe everyone is twittering?

Or maybe no-one has time to say anything.

Perhaps the era of personal blogging is (mostly) over and done now that the novelty is well and truly worn off. Most blogs now seem to be for the purpose of directing others how to think in one form or another.

Maybe I just need to get my backside in gear and post some content?

Stuff I care about:

My friend who has moved abroad, only to take their troubles with them: they can't seem to realise that drunkenness and sleeping with various people is the source, rather than solution of their problems.

My friend who believes people want to dominate the lives of others.

Friends who are sick and struggling.

Friends who are divorced, and in one case, gone from loving Jesus to being actively hostile in their determination not to be guilty for carelessly destroying their marriage.

The church: mistakes I make and my failure to do the things I should while doing the things I should not. Guess that smears into the rest of my life too.

The church again: why, no matter how much we *talk* about the Holy Spirit, the signs of His presence are subtle and hidden, rather than clear and overt.

My family and the negative impact the things I do might have on them (it's hard not to overlook the positive impact good things I do have also had on them). Included in that is wider family.

Where the business is going right now, and whether we'll have to can it at the end of the year.

That last is a potential source of fear - and one I'm fighting, having already given notice on the part-time job because I can't keep doing it.

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