Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Well that was 'exciting'

While my appreciation of French car design (although I suspect the 307 is really a Ford underneath) is diminished, it seems the Germans know how to get it right.

Despite having a good, hard and dry standing start, the 307 couldn't make it up the first hill (not even half way). However rather than just giving in and walking, I tried the beetle instead and that has just made it all the way in and back again (to collect the laptop). The second hill section of the Ardley road was difficult, but some kind soul has gritted the junction with the Fritwell and Souldern roads, and so I went that way.


Someone told Chris that the Fritwell road had been cleared, but judging by the depth of snow, I'd say it was significantly deeper than the Ardley road, and I was really scared that if I ever stopped the car would sink into the snow and not move. I had just one hairy moment coming into Fritwell with a van coming the other way and both of us going a bit sideways as we tried to move out of the centre of the road. Just as I thought he would sideswipe me he got it straight and we missed each other.

So I've come home again, and should be able to work from here. Tomorrow and Friday I should be leaving early, with a 75 mile drive each way to work for another company. We shall see if it's happening later, I guess.

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