Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Well, so much for fighting it off.

Not too bad really, but my head's now gone fuzzy again (sorry Marc - I'll write even more rubbish than usual if I comment like this) and I felt dizzy a little earlier.


I still have an hour of assay work, having mucked up this morning's first assay (and that was expensive!) and set up a re-run.

And the snow has settled outside.

My meeting elsewhere in the country is cancelled tomorrow.

Maybe I'd better just bring more logs in, light the fire and curl up with a good wife on the settee.

'Cept my mum is back in hospital again. I suspect nothing will change there, as she went in with what's been normal for a while (long story) so we'll be visiting at some stage, especially if I can shake the (momentary) lurgy off.




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