Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Still a process of change

One 'interesting' aspect of my personality is that I see things in black and white. I also tend to handle the world by what I 'know' to be right and true, which means that sometimes I will avoid dealing with certain people. This is not to be nasty, and in some ways the opposite, since it prevents me expressing my true feelings.

A couple of weeks back I really felt I was given a passage of the bible for one of a pair of lesbians that have been around the 'other church'. Not a rebuke, but instead a blessing.

Cue internal battle.

Over a period of a couple of days God has eventually got it through to me that He is concerned for them where they are, and it wasn't up to me to decide who I would and would not deliver to.

To some of you this is probably "eh? what's the problem?" but for others, you might understand that this is quite a big mountain to climb, and one I've not fully scaled yet.

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