Sunday, 6 July 2008

Can you sing a song too much?

You certainly can.

'Everyone needs compassion' has become worse for us than 'shine Jesus shine' ever did. We must have sung this at almost every church gathering for the last 2 months, and neither Chris nor I wish to sing it again for quite some time. There are certain lines (and especially certain parts on the CD version) that have really begun to grate. I think I might re-do the words 'everyone needs a break sometime'

And while we're grumbling about songs, 'Above all' is one I'd prefer not to sing.



It has a clever, if quite annoying, hook line. The real issue is plain old wrong theology. Jesus went to the cross out of obedience. He was not forgotten and trampled like a rose, but instead was deliberately crucified in an attempt to destroy Him and all He stood for.

I'm not interested in having my emotions tweaked with clever sounding but false words.

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