Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Just catching up on a few more things.

I didn't really mention it (although it was alluded to in the last post) that we had a barbie on Saturday night. Great time - about 30 people from the village and Upper heyford (and a couple from Holland). However just as we finished showing people round the house etc and were getting ready to sit in the cool outside and talk (about 10.30) everyone went home!

It's been steamy-hot here. We measured 29.3'C in the office yesterday afternoon. Thank goodness for the aircon in the lab: around 22'C and drier too. Last night there was a bit of thunder (PC went down - autosave IS a Godsend) and then rain. Everything was cool first thing, but the temperature is rising rapidly.

There's something odd here. In this building there is an un-secured wireless link. Reception comes and goes, so I suspect the access point is toward the other end of the building. I have seen transfer speeds were hitting 400K per second! Who leaves an open high speed link laying around?

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