Saturday, 8 December 2007

I've found

What I consider the first visually acceptable version of Linux ever. Sabayon

Unfortunately it's been built like a typical Italian car and the darn thing hangs when I run from the DVD (that I actually paid for this time!). Seems this happens to others too, all caused by improperly implemented hardware acceleration, according the their forum.

This is just plain stoopid. And there's guys on their forum getting a bit stroppy about the different philosophies between Ubuntu and Sabayon when updating, all the time working on parts of the software that aren't broken. I had VERY high hopes for this one - seems they're going to be dashed again. I might dislike some of the things M$ do, but they've made a relatively clean looking, reliable, stable and very functional OS that doesn't require a degree in programming to install and use.

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