Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Ever wonder why?

No - not really.

So this morning we had a hard frost that stretched all the way to work.

Because we live in a valley it's common for the air to be much colder down below, and often cycling upwards brings me out into sunlight and moderate temperatures. However the wind was obviously blowing last night, mixing the freezing air above and below the valley, leaving a trail of solid puddles and crunchy grass. Because of the rain that's been and gone, many of the roads have small streams flowing down their edges and these had been churned into slush by care tyres in the bitter air.

I'd been undecided about motorcycling or or push-biking to work today, and eventually decided on the path of least effort. But someone had other plans for me, and when I got on the Triumph this morning nothing I did would convince the engine to turn over. There's a bad contact in there somewhere - probably the sensor on the clutch lever being frozen solid - and it simply didn't want to know.

I've enjoyed a week of not cycling, and now that I'm back on the bike I feel slow when riding and seriously strained from the ride. It feels very much like having been shaken enthusiastically in a giant hand, and it takes the senses a long while to settle down.

Another strange thing is this management business.

Half of me wants to manage people while the other half hates the idea. It seems bizarre to be able (as I did yesterday) to send someone home sick. It's also mildly terrifying to be responsible for the day-to-day activities of 3 other people, knowing my choices will affect their careers, earning potential and happiness at work. In some ways it's the scariest thing I've done.

Oh well, back to the lab.

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