Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Reality is analogue.

The older I get, the more I seem to recognise the connectedness of all things.


No really. It makes discussion/arguments difficult, and even mere conversation can be hard sometimes when I’m trying to find a way in, while washes of information sweep across me, yet remain indescribable – without handles to grasp.

Now that just sounds like I’m tripping!

But seriously, it’s affecting my blogging and many other thought processes.

There’s a couple of people I know and love that blog a different reality to the one they live in public. Lovely people that I’ve enjoyed spending time with, and not deliberately 2 faced. Actually the face they present to meatspace (as reality is sometimes called) is very pleasant, but they blog the inside things – the stuff the rules of face-to-face interaction encourage you to hide.

So I have a problem with what to blog.

This last week I’ve been struggling with things inside. Thoughts, feelings, hormones, frustrations, anger, tiredness, joy, fun, pleasure, love, encouragement, beauty. It’s all connected, and I can’t easily blog some of it without blogging all of it – my life is an analogue stream, rather than a digital separated series of events. Everything is somewhat connected and there’s no easy filtering of me to ‘lose’ the unpresentable stuff so that the only thing to talk about is the nice stuff *without misrepresenting* the real Toni. I guess that’s a long winded way of saying “stuff happens, but I can’t easily talk about it”.

People don’t like analogue reality – we’re always trying to break it down into manageable sized chunks – digitising it. The idly curious part of my mind wonders whether humans thought in analogue before the fall of man, and afterward, because he could no longer grasp or control creation, instead chose to get a hold of it by dividing it into smaller and smaller parts. Thus later in genesis we find produce divided between arable and livestock, unacceptable and acceptable etc. Of course it could be God’s plan (he divides night and day, earth and sky etc) and this might be simply useless philosophical drivel. At least it’s more uplifting than some of the stupid thoughts I have.

But with a blog, everyone that knows me is a little or a lot is connected: an analogue reality again. So for the sake of everyone that reads this I’ll constrain my blog entries.

Now that’s not bad – almost a full A4 page of mythering in word. I hope this is interesting/useful to someone.

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