Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Can you carry someone's life in a few plastic bags?

Chris's mum died this morning. We've been to the hospital, seen the body, brought back all her 'belongings' in 3 plastic bags.

It's difficult, as you might expect, even though we'd prayed she wouldn't go through all the pain and humiliation that cancer often brings. We'd rather expected that she'd get weaker and go down hill, but instead last night she seemed less ill and this morning apparently ate a little and responded to people.

Then it seemed she rested.... and slipped away.

Chris spoke with her a few days ago about faith. Seemed she'd grown up knowing Jesus as a child, continuing in that in her own uncomplicated way as an adult. When she got married church and God got moved to the edge, although they never got crowded to the point they fell off. After moving to Bicester she re-established her faith (without pushing from us). We're at peace over her.

To those that prayed for her and us, thank you.

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