Saturday, 2 April 2005

Nigel and Liz

....are very good friends of ours, and recently moved from Bicester to the outskirts of Birmingham. We spent the day with them and their children.

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It was like a summer's day again - about 18 or 19 degrees and strong sunshine. We had a wander round Lickey woods (wonderful name, full of imagery). John and Myriam had a great time running around and climbing over things. Shown here in typical poses:

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Myriam is also at the age and of a character where the world is full of wonder and beauty. A guitar appeared this afternoon, and it was suggested that I might play it. As the first note rang out she immediately began to move with the music. At one point she needed the loo and asked that I stop playing so that she didn't miss any of it. If only every audience I had was like that! She also found a pink bud on an almost completely bare tree, and had to show everyone:

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I also had this little glimpse of the future. Myriam wanted someone to play with in the garden, so out I went. After about 20 mins of throwing and catching balls and a frisbee I realised - this is what GRANDPARENTS do! I couldn't stop for Myriam's sake, but NUTS! I'm only 43. On returning indoors Sarah was instructed NO CHILDREN FOR AT LEAST 5 YEARS.

Thanks for having us over guys.

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